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Guide to Understanding ESXi dedicated server and Its Usage

Guide to Understanding ESXi dedicated server and Its Usage

VMware ESXi is virtualization software that runs on bare metal. Simply put, it does not run on any operating software. It can create many virtual machines on a single server or it can divide the hardware on any server between different software. Each software has an exclusive portion of the hardware dedicated to them and is designed for companies to reduce their IT operations and management cost.

Understanding the difference between VMware ESX and VMware ESXi

ESX was an older product of VMware and ESXi is the modern hypervisor from the same company. It sits inside of vSphere and is quite different from ESX. Differences between the two can be summed up as:

  • ESX has a management console present in the hypervisor while ESXi must be managed by a client. The latter does not have a server console.
  • Compared to ESX, ESXi installs quickly and is more secure. It is highly reliable owing to its ultra-thin architecture.
  • ESXi is more consistent because of fewer configuration items.
  • There is no need to manage third-party management agents, unlike in ESX. Routine tasks can be automated which was not possible in ESX.

What are the benefits of using VMware Dedicated Server?

ESXi is the new flagship product and is better in many aspects than its predecessor:

ESXi dedicated server
  • It reduces costs even further by increasing the efficiency of available resources.
  • Many virtual machines can be created with high amounts of RAM.
  • The deployment is easy owing to fewer configuration items.
  • Increased responsiveness and flexibility to the IT department. Routine tasks can be automated.

How to use VMware ESXi Dedicated Server?

To get started with ESXi Dedicated Server, you will need to login on your VMware host in your web browser. A virtual machine will have to be created by clicking on the Create or Register VM option on the New Virtual Machine tab. The next steps would include entering the name of the VM, selecting a Datastore, and customizing settings. Information such as Virtual Memory Size, Hard Disk 1 size and so forth will have to be entered manually and the rest can be set to default.

After the VM has been created, the same has to be started by clicking on the Power On button. To install an OS, click on Console and then open Browser Console. You will have to follow the OS installation wizard to install an OS on your newly created VM.  It is advisable to install VMware tools for increased functionality.

What are the applications of VMware ESXi?

It is used to effectively use the hardware’s capability. It consolidates it and increased its performance. By providing centralized management, it streamlines IT operations. It has done away with the COS and the management has been incorporated directly in the VMkernel making it more reliable and secure.

Thus, VMware ESXi is the leading virtual infrastructure needed by enterprises to effectively manage IT operations and reduce costs. Hostingbuzz provides VMware ESXi dedicated server hosting at competitive prices. With years of experience in cloud computing hosting, Hostingbuzz provides the best IT solutions in the market to all types of businesses.

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