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High Bandwidth Dedicated Server

Slow site speed sometimes makes it impossible to open a web page. Not only does a slow website turn away visitors but also has a significant impact on your business. Gone are the days of dial-up Internet when the average load time for a page was 8 seconds. That might not seem like a lot, but for visitors to your site, it can feel like an eternity Therefore you need a high bandwidth dedicated server to make sure your website handles the high traffic hours which is considered to be most important for your business.


8 CoreE5 267032 GB250 GB SSD10 TB7500/m
10 CoreE5 2620 v332 GB250 GB SSD10 TB12000/m
10 CoreE5 2680 v232 GB250 GB SSD10 TB11500/m
12 CoreE5 2678 v332 GB250 GB SSD10 TB15000/m

Hostingbuzz Provide Top Notch High Bandwidth Dedicated server with 2TB Bandwidth to handle high traffic & transmission smoothly without crashing your website.we are safe and reliable, not to mention that we are super fast with our ultra modem network. And with instant scalability you can scale up with an instant click. We offer 24/7 customer service and are available in multiple locations.


10 CoreE5 2670*264 GB250 GB SSD10 TB16500/m
12 CoreE5 2620 v3*264 GB250 GB SSD10 TB15000/m
20 CoreE5 2680 v2*264 GB250 GB SSD10 TB17000/m
24 CoreE5 2678 v3*264 GB250 GB SSD10 TB30000/m

Why do you need a higher bandwidth?

Better Streaming. A higher bandwidth is a must if you don’t want to wait over 30 minutes for a 5-minute video to load. Slow bandwidths won’t do you any good, they’ll just frustrate you more and more. High bandwidth means saying goodbye to all those videos and movies that keep buffering because now it will be smoother than butter. So, when streaming nothing will freeze and cause any interruptions.

Faster opening of applications Also, your applications and websites will be much quicker than before, since we wait forever for a website to open up on google or safari the issue will be cleared up in no time. I mean who likes waiting? We want things fast, and quick, not slow and time consuming. So with a higher bandwidth in place you can roam the internet quicker than before.

Faster downloads With the faster data transfer speed downloads can be done much faster than before. This reduces the frustration and increases the user satisfaction, as downloads and uploads will be finished before you can snap your fingers. And you can even download and upload larger amounts of data as a higher bandwidth means there is an increased data transfer capability.

Allows effective multitasking Furthermore, no user is using one application at a time, they are always multitasking and have a number of sites and applications opened at once. And if the connection speed is slow it will just be too frustrating, and you may even give up on it. But if you have a faster connection with high bandwidth then you can multitask without any troubles and work effectively with out having to wait for everything to load.

 Things you must consider while buying a dedicated server with high bandwidth?


High bandwidth dedicated servers are great for business systems, but when you are choosing a server there are a couple of features that you consider more important than others. First of all, you need to know whether they offer high bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth the better it handles your website traffic during peak hours as well as transfer data efficiently


Furthermore, the dedicated server is well secured and provides DDOS protection, because it can help with service attacks networks. By using special equipment, and a cloud-based protection it is able to locate on the on coming threats and mitigate it before any serious damage is done.


High bandwidth dedicated servers need to have scalability because it can manage the increased demands. The higher the scalability the more adaptable we can be with the changing demands. The more resources being added the more it is scalable, or if servers are added this improves the security, and makes the network more scalable.


It Is Important that you should know whether the “dedicated server” is fully reliable and efficient for your business website . Don’t worry our dedicated servers are highly reliable and secured also our dedicated servers can efficiently handle a huge volume of traffic at once without crashing the website.